Upgrade Simulator

EVOSS promotes the simulation of upgrades to predict failures before affecting the real system. Both fine-grained static aspects (e.g., configuration incoherences) and dynamic aspects (e.g., the execution of configuration scripts) are taken into account, improving over the state of the art of package managers.

The architecture of the simulator is distribution independent so that it can be easily instantiated to the specific distribution. The simulator is based on model-driven techniques and makes use of a model-based description of the system to be upgraded. The simulator is able to simulate also pre and post installation scripts that equip each distribution package. This is possible thanks to a domain specific language (DSL), which has been conceived within EVOSS to specify maintainer scripts behavior. In particular, the language includes a set of high level clauses with a well-defined transformational semantics expressed in terms of system configuration modifications: each system configuration is given as a model and the script behavior is represented by corresponding model transformations.

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